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This is a copy of the content of the form that you complete and sign after you've made your purchase to join the Chronic Migraines GHK & EFT Group. When completing the actual form, you will also be asked to affirm your consent, provide your virtual signature & date, full name, home address, phone number & email. You are encouraged to ask any questions prior to purchasing group access & signing the form. You may contact Lauren Sonnenberg via email at

Chronic Migraines GHK & EFT Group Rules & Informed Consent Form

Please read the form below in its entirety before signing it virtually and completing the personal information below the form. Thank you.

The primary focus of this group is to help you resolve your chronic migraines. In the process of doing so, group members may be sharing very sensitive personal information. In order to promote an environment that supports optimal outcomes, group members need to feel as safe as possible when sharing their emotions and life experiences. Therefore, it is important that everyone’s privacy is respected, and we do so by promising not to share the names or other identifying information of group members outside of the group. 

LifeCore and Lauren Sonnenberg, LMHC, MCAP, LMP, agree to maintain your identifying and Personal Health Information privately, according to HIPAA regulations, but LifeCore and Lauren Sonnenberg, LMHC, MCAP, LMP, do not have the ability to control what group members say outside of the group. Therefore, the group member agrees not to hold LifeCore or Lauren Sonnenberg, LMHC, MCAP, LMP, liable for what group members say or do outside of the group environment.

Group members agree to be non-judgmental of others within the group. This helps to create a safe and caring environment.

Group members agree to not use the group as a venting, complaining, or ranting platform. Instead, group members agree to use the constructive methods promoted in the group for processing the feelings and pain that underlie such vents, complaints, or rants.

Group members are encouraged to post questions and concerns within the group, as well as to share encouragement and support for other group members.

No spam, recruitment, or promotion of one’s business, services, or products within the group, or, directly to other group members outside of the group, is allowed. However, this is acceptable if it occurs indirectly, for example, if the person responds to another group member’s Facebook or Instagram ad.

If any of the group rules are broken, LifeCore and Lauren Sonnenberg, LMHC, MCAP, LMP, reserves the right to remove a person from the group, without refund. An explanation would be provided to the group member if group removal were to occur. 

LifeCore and Lauren Sonnenberg, LMHC, MCAP, LMP, agree to provide one LIVE Weekly session comprised of some combination of Q&A session, therapeutic demonstrations, & educational content, depending on the needs of those present at the LIVE session, and depending on questions and concerns that have been posted since the prior session that may not yet have been addressed or that need additional attention.


LifeCore and Lauren Sonnenberg, LMHC, MCAP, LMP, reserves the right to redirect a group member to discuss certain topics strictly within an individual therapy setting vs. within the group, especially if the topic could cause vicarious trauma for other group members. Although this may not be a common occurrence, it needs to be stated, because the group platform is not a replacement for individual therapy.

Group members’ questions and concerns posted will be responded to at least once a week. Any questions not responded to in writing or with a video post during the week will be addressed during the LIVE Weekly Session.


No less than 48 LIVE Weekly Sessions will be provided for the group per year. An alternative date for a LIVE Weekly Session may be provided for the group if the group LIVE Session falls on a holiday or a vacation day.


Currently, the scheduled LIVE Weekly Sessions are on Tuesdays at 1 PM EST, and held for approximately 60-90 minutes, depending upon the needs of the group present. This date and time is subject to change. The session is delivered via a Zoom group and then later posted into the Facebook group, so others may view the recording. To protect the privacy of all group members, it is strictly forbidden to share the recording with others outside of the group, or to have other non-group members view it.

If you, as a group member, have any concerns about any aspect of the group, please reach out directly to Lauren Sonnenberg, group facilitator, to discuss them.

And, if you have any questions prior to providing your virtual signature stating that you’ve read and understood the above group rules, that you agree to follow those rules, and at that you consent to participating in the group according to that which has been described above, please text or call Lauren Sonnenberg/LifeCore at 305-396-6360 before providing your virtual signature below.

If you, as a group member, do not have any further questions, or concerns, and you agree with the following statement, then please check the box below and provide your virtual signature in the form below by typing your full name.



I have read and understood the above group rules and have been informed about the group's operation and terms. I agree to follow the group rules above, and I consent to participating in the group according to the terms which have been described above.

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